Gano~Soft Goatmilk Soap Large Bar (4 ounces)

Some Fragrances Temporarily Out of Stock. Please check back. Handmade Artisan Goatmilk soap with our Ganoder~Max. (Ganoderma blend) These Tangenburg goats graze on natural pasture grass supplemented by organic grain in the foothills of the Sierra Mountains.of Nevada like their natural homeland in Switzerland.
Handmade Artisan Goatmilk soap with our Ganoder~Max.

We offer 4 ounce bars in 4 fragrances. Also 1 ounce travel size bars available in 4 fragrances. Lavender, Peppermint Eucalyptus, Thyme-Tea Tree, and Fragrance Free All bars come in an organza bag which can be left on as an aid to exfoliation if desired.
We make GanoSoft soap because our Ganoder~Max is not only good for the skin, but can be absorbed through the skin as well and reaches more parts of the body. As we age, our digestive ability decreases absorption is a good way to get your mushrooms.

GanoSoft goat milk soap is handmade using a cold process so natural nutrients are preserved. This is good for your skin for several reasons

First: Our soaps are made with natural organic ingredients that support healing like olive oil, goat milk, coconut oil, essential fragrance oils, and palm oil.

Second: Glycerine is an important moisturizing ingredient so we leave it in for you. Commercial soap makers remove the glycerine which is produced by the cold process because glycerine is valuable to sell in other products. 

Third, Goat milk has many benefits especially for people with dry or sensitive skin. It has alpha hydroxy acids, vitamins, especially Vitamin A which helps skin heal, cream, and selenium which helps protect the skin from the sun's rays Ma' Cline's only uses the finest products available because it is important that you use them repeatedly so your body has a constant supply of Ganoder~Max.
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